Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Staggering Statistic of the Week (Or month)

I've been away for a bit and haven't been posting weekly stats, but I have a good one for you now.

This year, it is estimated that Americans will spend $5.7 BILLION on Halloween costumes and decorations.

Well, the good news is that we're just trying to come up with $750 for the Luxury Fund!

I think we can still do it!

Thanks for your help.



Nancy said...

What a great site! I love creative ways to raise funds and awareness for good causes. I am also a supporter of CI and BWM!

After I am done with a virtual event I am doing right now (Check out one of my blogs: secretsantaforhealth.blogspot.com )I would love to post about your site on my pages!

Blondes Poop & Mascara said...

That stat has to be one of the most staggering you've ever posted.