Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sex Slavery - Be an abolitionist!

As we are focusing our attention this week to the work of Love146, let's take a look at the seriousness of the problem of sex slavery.

It is estimated that 2 children are sold into slavery every minute.

That's 2880 every day!

As of 2006 the number of children trafficked annually was estimated at 1.2 Million

The UN and other experts estimate the total market value of illicit human trafficking at roughly $32 Billion!

That makes trafficking on persons the second most lucrative crime in the world!

It is estimated that 27 million people are currently enslaved around the world.

All of this information and more can be found on at www.love146.org

This is a big problem! 100% of the money that we collect with the Luxury Fund is given away, 25% of it goes to Love146 who is working hard to end sex slave trade and restore the lives of freed slaves.


Think of what you might give up this week, so that you can put a few bucks in the Luxury Fund to help this cause.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Love 146

For the month of December, I'll be spending a week "Showcasing" each organization that we support, so you can have a better idea of what they do and why we have chosen them to give money to.

This week . . . Love146

The trafficking and rape of children for profit is one of the darkest stories on the planet. This physical, mental and emotional trauma leaves children broken and scarred for life. Interventions for these children
are critical to their survival. This is why Love146 exists.

Love146 works toward the abolition of child sex trafficking and exploitation through prevention and aftercare. Love146 trains aftercare workers, multiplies safehomes, aids socioeconomic development programs in high risk communities and provides a voice for these victims of modern-day slavery.

This information and more can be found on their website www.love146.org.

Here's what the people at Love146 have to say about the Luxury Fund:

"Love146 is grateful for the support of The Luxury Fund in helping to abolish child sex slavery and exploitation. All funds received via the Luxury Fund go towards our Aftercare program which includes building a new "Round Safehome" and running existing safehomes. See our website love146.org for more details."

Please decide what you can give up this week so that you can contribute to the Luxury Fund. We can make a difference by making one small sacrifice at a time!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

SEC Championship Game

This weekend Atlanta will host the 17th annual SEC Championship game in the Georgia Dome. I know it's a big day for a lot of people. #1 ranked Alabama fans and #2 ranked Florida fans can hardly stand the anticipation of the game this weekend. In light of this weekends focus on the big game, I thought I'd throw out some numbers for you (you know I like like throwing numbers out there).

Let's talk money.

Nick Saben coaches Alabama for an annual salary of $4 Million.

Urban Meyer coaches Florida for an annual salary of $3.25 Million.

Ticket prices (as of today) online are between $400 and $800 each and The Georgia Dome seats 71250 people.

A cup of beer at the Georgia Dome is $7.50

A bottle of water at the Georgia Dome is $2.50

I have no idea how to calculate fuel, lodging, food and miscellaneous spending for the 71,250 who will be in attendance, but I'm guessing it's ridiculous!

Now for even more sobering numbers

During the 3 hour duration of the game:

360 Children will be trafficked for sexual exploitation.

465 Children will die from lack of clean water.

2165 Children will die from lack of food.

I don't want to ruin your game weekend, but I would like you to consider the excess money that goes into recreation will so many around the world are suffering and dying every day.

Every little bit helps!! Can you give $1, $5, $10?

I promise there will be some very grateful people!

Luxury Fund is not a 501c3 organization. Your only reward is knowing that you have helped make someones life better! We give 100% of the money we raise to four amazing organizations who are able to do a lot with a little. Check the links to find out more about Blood Water Mission, Compassion International, International Justice Mission and Love 146.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Update Video

We are not a 501c3 organization. Donations are not tax-deductible, your only reward is knowing that you've helped someone who was unable to help themselves.